115 mph Windstorm Proves Composite Sign Durability

Though the Webster, S.D. motto is “A Place for All Seasons,” officials and residents did not expect the severe storm that struck July 20, 2008. Winds gusting to 115 mph wreaked havoc upon the town that recently purchased two city signs from Signs By Benchmark.

On May 21, 2008, Webster had the two signs installed at the east and west entrances. After the installation, Webster Area Chamber of Commerce President Jeff Snell praised the quality and durability of the signs. The signs also received recognition from the community along with South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds’ staff during a tour of the town.

The intensity of the storm certainly tested the resilience of both signs. When the west entrance sign was installed, it was framed by the beauty of a mature tree. After the storm, the tree lay uprooted on the ground, felled by the same brutal wind that barely damaged the nearby sign. Suffering only minor damage and slightly leaning on bent support posts, the 9-by-14-foot composite sign withstood the force of the storm, justifying Snell’s praise. Enduring the same winds, the sign at the east entrance stood completely unscathed.

Both Webster signs stand as a testament of the quality, durability and high standards built into every Signs By Benchmark product.