Custom Exterior Monument to Match Existing Interior Signage

Not long ago, we created an interior wall-mount sign that was installed in a Clear Lake, S.D. business. To complete signage plans and create a uniform look for the business, we recently collaborated with Elite Signs & Graphix of Watertown, S.D. to create a custom exterior monument designed to match the interior sign. 

The lightweight, 14′ wide x 13′ 6″ high x 29″ deep double-sided monument was created from cellular plastic then sealed with Signs By Benchmark’s signature hard coat for long-lasting durability that resists extreme weather conditions while eliminating rust and rot.

Featuring two-color acrylic stucco finish, copy coated directly into the sign face, and space for stud-mounted tenant panels, the stately monument has no problem standing out on the gently curving prairie.

For ease of Installation, pick points were installed on the sign, allowing it to be easily craned into place over the poles. The operation was simple and quick: installation took only one hour.

Remarking on the project, Travis Cantwell of Elite Signs & Graphix said, “This was another great-looking sign in which we were able to take the customer’s logo and instead of getting caught up in fitting the shape of the sign to the logo, Signs By Benchmark took the architecture of the building and tied it into the sign to come up with a package that tied everything together – right down to the matching brick the building has. I am very pleased with the results we got with an outstanding product.”

This project reminds us that often, a customer requires not just a sign, but a sign package complete with interior and exterior signage. Budgetary considerations may not always allow installation of the complete package, but all signage can be designed, then created and installed over time to meet customer requirements.

Start offering your customers a complete signage package. Give the team at Signs By Benchmark a call at 800-658-3444 to discuss their needs. Provide existing designs or ask the Signs By Benchmark designers for help creating the perfect high quality lightweight, durable signage for your customers.

Working with flexible cellular plastic allows Signs By Benchmark’s creative team to CNC-cut and hand-sculpt products that aren’t easily manufactured from traditional mediums. Every sign or sign component such as bases, pole covers and sign tops are completely encapsulated in Signs By Benchmark’s signature hard coat for long-lasting strength and durability.

While Signs By Benchmark specializes in the creation of custom exterior and interior signage, it also offers a line of standard model exterior signs that may be created as designed or customized to suit specific needs.

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Signs By Benchmark custom monument sign in productionInstalling Signs By Benchmar exterior monument sign for Agri-PartnersInstalled Signs By Benchmark custom exterior monument sign