Elegant Monument and Wayfinding Signs Refresh Senior Residence


Charged with the challenge of providing modern signage for an existing Senior Residence complex, Eagle Sign of Des Moines, Iowa called the Signs By Benchmark team for design assistance and durable, easy to install lightweight signage.

Plans called for a large, exterior main sign to advertise the complex. Using a design and colors to match existing building elements, the Signs By Benchmark team created a 150″ wide x 72″ high x 22″ deep monument. Based on Standard Model #3, the sign’s arched face and capped faux brick columns exude an atmosphere of peace and modern beauty.

Wayfinding signs were also required to complete new signage plans. The Signs By Benchmark team created four identical, capped 28 1/4″ x 28 1/4″ x 71″ faux brick columns to match the monument. The columns were intended as signage to identify buildings and provide direction.Signs By Benchmark wayfinding column sign

While the Signs By Benchmark team was busy creating, the Eagle Signs team went to work designing and manufacturing copy. Once the signs arrived in their shop, they applied the copy just prior to installing the signs.

“The install was seamless,” said Kent Reed of Eagle Sign. “That’s the thing about installing a Signs By Benchmark Sign. You install the posts and just slide the sign over them. And our customer is so happy he wants signs for three more locations.”

Give the Signs By Benchmark team a call at 800-658-3444 or 605-886-8084 to discuss your next project. Request a grouping as in this project, or any other product they specialize in – from exterior and interior signage to components such as bases, pole covers and tops that dress up new, or modernize existing signs. If your customer could also benefit from an architectural accent to enhance their property, Signs By Benchmark can create to your design.

Signs By Benchmark standard model 3 Signs By Benchmark cellular plastic monument sign