Sign Accents: Sign Surround

When asked to enhance standard signage for a Cenex Gas Station, Rose City Canopy & Sign of Eagle Bend, MN called Signs By Benchmark for options. Working from hand sketches and computerized drawings, designers created a smart, fresh look to complement the sign.

While Rose City Canopy & Sign retrofitted the sign for conversion from two poles to one, Signs By Benchmark manufactured a surround that would install over and around the modified structure. Internal galvanized metal supports were built into the surround to allow mechanical attachment from inside the sign cabinet. Pick points were included for easy installation.

Because this was their first cooperative project and travel distances were short, Signs By Benchmark provided on-site installation support to the Rose City Canopy & Sign installation crew.

“We had never worked together,” stated Matt Frey of Signs By Benchmark, “but even though a few issues popped up, the install went quickly. The Rose City crew was so positive.  And our team gained knowledge that will help us implement positive changes for the next surround.”

Finished in acrylic stucco, the surround provides the dressier look the station owner was looking for.